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How to use native MS WINDOWS applications in LINUX/UBUNTU

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CrossOver Linux is the easiest way to run Microsoft Windows software on your Linux PC without buying a Windows license, rebooting, or using a virtual machine. CrossOver Linux makes it easy to launch Windows programs natively from Linux. CrossOver also gives you cross-platform copy & paste, and a shared file system for your Windows applications.

CrossOver Linux runs Windows productivity software (like MSOffice), games, and utility programs all in one application. And without the overhead of a virtual machine, programs and games can run as fast or faster than they would under a Windows operating system. CrossOver Linux supports all major Linux distros.

CrossOver Linux System Requirements

  • x86 compatible PC system
  • 200 MB of free disk space and space for installed applications

Officially supported on the current release of:

  • Ubuntu
  • Mint
  • Fedora
  • Debian
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

What it can run for chemistry people

  • Microsoft Office
  • Chemoffice
  • Chemsketch

And other softwares more softwares



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